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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Road Trip October 2016

[Photo credits go to Brad.]

Brad drove to Vernal, Thursday, October 6, and we left early
Friday, October 7, deciding that today was going to be our longest drive.  We packed stuff for lunch so we didn't have to eat out.  Brad was pulled over in the early evening, only given a warning.  Made it to Kansas City.  We stayed in a Sleep Inn.  Ate at Cox BBQ, it was good. 
Saturday, October 8, went to the Kansas Temple and did baptisms.  I had printed a few names before we left - about 9 male, 12 female.  There was a family ahead of us and one brother waited to be a witness for us, but he also needed a few female names done for him.  While we were waiting to do confirmations, a young couple came in that only had a couple names to do.  Scott and Brad were the witnesses for them and then we were able to do our confirmations together.  It worked out beautifully.  I loved being there.

Headed to Louisville.  Walked a little around campus.  Seemed very small, but a ton of red all through the town. 

Trip Advisor told us the #1 attraction was the Mega Cavern, so we gave it a try.  It is a former limestone mine that is huge!  Part of it is used for storage and part of it is used for zip lines and a rope course.  We did the zip lines and you would go through the cave and over large valleys? on these zip lines and it was all in the dark, with few lights.  It was really fun, but some of it was hard for me, to step off or to be on a very small platform even though we had safety ropes.

We also had to do a rope bridge, and the guy on it with me was swinging it, I wasn't thrilled about that.  Because Brad was with us we used Airbnb, and stayed at a huge home in a mansion district?  It was a young family that would rent out rooms while they were trying to restore this home.  We just stayed in an upstairs room that had a full bed and a twin bunk bed.  It looked like we were using a bathroom that the family used, a little strange for me, but it was definitely a good price.  Our dinner was Wendy's before the cave and then a stop at Kroger to pick up stuff for breakfast.

Sunday, October 9, we went to a ward in Louisville and then did a tour of Churchill Downs.  This was a highlight of my trip.  It was beautiful and fun to be there.  Then we drove to Durham, after stopping for dinner at an Arbys.

Monday, October 10, loved being there with the kids, Brigham took no time in warming up.  Bryce and Alicia took off for Asheville and the Sigur Ros concert.  Brad and I later left for Charlotte, a 2 hour drive, to see Monday Night Football, the Panthers and Buccaneers.  I was going to stay and babysit but Scott would rather babysit than go to the football game, so I was all in.  It was a lot of fun.  Our tickets were up high but we could see great.  It was warm, the stadium was right downtown.  We didn't really care about the teams, and it ended up being a very close game, but we left with about 3 minutes left and literally ran about 1/2 mile to the car so that we would miss the traffic, because it was about 11:30 and we still had 2 hours to drive. 
Tuesday, Wednesday, October 11-12, just hung out with the kids, went shopping with Alicia to the outlets to get the kids clothes, went to the kids museum and did the train ride, and just enjoyed being with them. 
Thursday, October 13, it was the State Fair in Raleigh.  Had some great fried food and Addy did some rides.  Brigham is such a good baby to take places.  Had a great time.

Friday, October 14, said our goodbyes and headed out for the trip home.  Headed to Atlanta and stopped in Greenville, SC, which was having a downtown fair with food vendors from the local establishments.  Absolutely gorgeous, a few years ago they revitalized the downtown around a park with a waterfall including a large walking bridge.  Ate near there at Brazwells, wonderful.

Stayed at the LaQuinta in Atlanta, where I think this was the place that had a very loud Asian family with a couple young girls next door.  We finally had to call the front desk. 
Saturday, October 15, went to the Atlanta temple to do initiatories for the baptisms we had done.  It was quick but great to be there.

 Did a tour of the Smith plantation, it was very interesting.  Couldn't find much to do there, which was a little disappointing, so we headed west.

Stopped at a monument in Birmingham, Alabama, the Vulcan statue.

Stopped in Tuscaloosa to see the Alabama football stadium.  Walked around the stadium, the sororities/fraternities near there were incredible buildings.  There must be a lot of money at that university.  The town was dead because the Bama game was going on (out of town).  As we were leaving, it was half time during the game and people started coming out.  Brad was thrilled as we were walking down the street and a block away at an apartment, a man yelled out "Roll Tide". 

Headed to Memphis.  Another fair down historic Beale Street, ate at Sulky O'Sullivans, an outdoor restaurant, food was wonderful.  Wandered up and down the street for a short time and decided we had better leave.  That was the only time during the trip that we felt a little uncomfortable.

Stayed at another LaQuinta.
Sunday, October 16, went to sacrament meeting at a branch in West Memphis which was in Arkansas.  Such a small branch but the people were so friendly.  Went back to Memphis to see a couple of bridges over the Mississippi River.

 On to Tulsa where we stopped to see the Golden Driller historic landmark and on to the Airbnb.
 A beautiful home, cute family, had a master suite with an attached bedroom and a bathroom which I became very acquainted with later in the evening.  We had dinner at Hideaway Pizza, we could walk to it, beautiful neighborhood.  About 1 in the morning I had a very bad pain in my stomach which would not go away, I spent about an hour in the bathroom hoping something would happen.  Finally, went and got Scott and said I needed a blessing.  I was sitting on the toilet while he gave the blessing, and immediately when he was done, I turned around and started to throw up.  I threw up intermittently for a few hours, still with a horrible pain in my stomach, with lots of prayers that it would stop so that we could continue home.  About 6 am I was able to go back to bed, about 7 Brad and Scott went to get breakfast at Queenies and I was able to shower.  Just a little weak, not hungry, but we were able to leave on time.  I didn't eat much that day, just a lot of sleeping.  The lasagne was good, but not that good, and I don't know that I would ever be able to eat at the Hideaway Pizza again.

Monday, October 17, headed west and then north into Denver.  It was an extremely warm and windy day driving through Kansas, about 90 degrees.  When we started to head in to Denver, the weather changed.  The wind kept up but it dropped down to the 50s.  It was chilly and a rude awakening back to the mountain west.  We stopped at Chipotle in Castle Rock (I had rice), and then we went and enjoyed Troy and Traci's hospitality. 

Tuesday, October 18, one more short day of driving.  We had been too early for fall foliage back east, the prettiest drive was probably through Alabama/Georgia/Arkansas, but not much color, so it was fun to see some of the brightest colors on the last day in our own neck of the woods.  Between Meeker and Rangely the trees were bright gold and spectacular, then we were warned:

Coming into Rangely I was pulled over, but due to another call that the cop received, we were only chastised.  Made it home with only good memories.

What a wonderful trip.  4,798.8 miles.  The driving was much more enjoyable than I had imagined.  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  

Sunday, December 4, 2016

North Carolina - Summer 2016

North Carolina - Part I

July 11 - 17, 2016 - Had such a great time in NC.  Scott decided to come with at the last minute – he told Bryce he got his priorities straight.  We spent the first few days with all of us, went swimming, to a movie, shopping, Duke Gardens and just playing with the kids.  Scott left on Tuesday taking Bryce to the airport with him, Bryce to go to Switzerland for school/work.  Alicia and I took the kids to the science museum, the Marble museum, the splash park, and out to dinner Saturday night to Red Robin for Alicia's birthday.  We had a very good time and the kids were really good.  On Sunday after church I picked up Bryce from the airport, we circled through the airport and he dropped me off for my flight. 
That is about as short a narrative as there could be for six days.  

Monday, February 8, 2016

January was fun considering how cold it was!  So glad that we were able to get out of it for awhile over Christmas.

We headed into Midway for an evening out.  Met Brad and Kaley for dinner at Tarahumara Restaurant.  It was good food.  Did a quick bowling game (could only do one game before they closed as the little bowling alley in Heber was rented for the evening by Penn & Teller during Sundance).  Then off to Ice Castles.  It was something that was worth doing once.  Not many times I'll leave Vernal in the winter and go to a frozen place.
Need to practice the selfies.

Full Moon

We look like zombies with the reflection off our glasses

The next evening was Brett's reception.  Got to have dinner with Vicki, Lynn and Taylor before at Kneaders.  What a cute girl!  Vicki has lucked out with all the cute girls they have added.

I crossed one thing off my list of must-dos.  Patty John came and helped me get my pressure cooker out of the box and onto the stove.  15 pints of chicken. We've even eaten some.  I'll do it again.  Now I need to learn to cook in it...

Canning success.
Blankets are sewed, 4 more weeks till the little guy should arrive.

Blankets, burp cloths, car seat tent

Sunday, January 17, 2016



Brad, Scott and I came into Lindon for Christmas Eve and had a wonderful time with family, eating and watching the kids open gifts.  

The weather wasn't supposed to be good so we decided to take the safe route and head to the airport late Christmas Eve for our flight early Christmas.  It was snowing lightly when we left and Lindon had about 8 inches on Christmas so maybe it was good we went.  We had a hard time sleeping in the airport, caught an hour here and there.  Our flight was delayed about an hour while we waited for de-icing.  Flew to Vegas, met up with Brock and headed to Durham.  We were just about there, maybe 30 minutes out, and turned around and headed towards Louisville.  One of the pilots was ill and they had to make an unscheduled landing there to pick up another pilot.  After about an hour and a half we were on our way.  Got to Durham, picked up a minivan and finally got to Bryce's about 3 hours late in 75 degree weather!.  So glad they kept Addy up to greet us.  She acted like she had seen us just a few days before.  No warm up time needed.  Bryce had fixed us jambalaya and we were grateful.

They waited to have Christmas on Saturday so we got to watch her open gifts.  It was so much fun.  Cici's for lunch, roast for dinner, and then all headed off to Star Wars while I stayed with Addy.  Sunday was church and then left for Charleston.  Guess there were a lot of other travelers because a trip that was supposed to take about 4 hours took about 5-1/2 because of stop and go traffic on I-95.  Ate at Fatz CafĂ© and then made it to Homewood Suites in North Charleston.  Two rooms, two bathrooms, kitchenette, family room.  It was very nice with a great breakfast and some light dinners. 

On Monday the weather wasn't supposed to be very good so we headed to Charles Town Landing, a state park that had a reproduction ship, some reproduction dwellings, an animal forest and some beautiful blooming bushes.

After a nap, headed to Charleston.  Ate at Hominy Grits with boiled peanuts and real southern food.  It was very good.  Then went to the Waterfront Park, wandered around a very crowded little touristy city and tried to find just some regular ice cream.  We gave up and headed to Cold Stone. 

The next day we went to Fort Sumter by ferry, the ranger was very entertaining on the slow boat.  Not much on the island but loved how it has been preserved.  A good history lesson.  Back to the rooms, lunch from Big Billy's Burger Joint and dinner at the hotel pasta buffet.  Canasta where Brock and Bryce (?) won. 

Wednesday we got up and headed back to Durham, had no traffic but a torrential downpour.  We were on a mission, had to make it back, it was the Duke basketball game that afternoon.  The boys and I went and stood in the rain and had great seats behind the corner of the basket just near the Duke bench.  Stood up the whole time in the student section but it was great fun. 

Thursday was a quiet day, lunch at Dames chicken and waffles (yummy), watching football, brown butter and mizithra cheese pasta, and all the boys playing Zelda monopoly to ring in the new year.  All this time included play-doh, doll house playing, reading books.  We had bouts of flu throughout the week, Bryce on Saturday, Brad on Monday and Scott on Wednesday.  All were troopers and it didn't stop us from doing anything that we had planned. 

On Friday Bryce and Alicia went to eat at Cheesecake Factory, we got in our last time with Addy and picked up some Cook Out bbq, said our good-byes and headed to the airport.  Brock rented a car to head to Jacksonville to see a friend and then on to Dallas the next week.  We boarded our plane for Chicago/Salt Lake, very uneventful and a very quick flight.  Opened the doors at the baggage claim in Salt Lake and were greeted with the bitter cold we had not missed.  Next time we visit in March there will be another little one awaiting us!

Thanks to Brad for a lot of these pictures...

Addy in Charles Town Landing State Park

Addy at Fort Sumter

Addy with the bear at Homewood Suites

Bryce and Brock at Charles Town Landing State Park

Charles Town Landing State Park

Coach K - Duke Basketball Game

Family - Charles Town Landing State Park

Family - Duke Basketball GAme

Fort Sumter

My Favorite Place to Be

Dinner at Hominy Grits, Charleston, SC

Ice Cream at Cold Stone, North Charleston, SC

New Year's Eve - Football and Zelda Monopoly

Watertown Park, Charleston, SC